Inside Innovative Solution’s newly designed 3 BHK Apartment

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

It’s always exciting to see inside a brand new interior-designed apartment, and today’s feature not only amazed but won the hearts of house owners.

With Innovative solutions as Interior designers and Charu & Varun leading the design, the newly developed 3 BHK apartments here in Homeland heights, Mohali struck a chord with residents, thanks to their minimalistic and modern design.

The design of the interiors and the apartment’s exterior was kept modern and refreshing– an approach tailored and moulded as per the needs of the client which correlates with their individual needs, tastes and desires.

Entrance of the apartment fully converted into a green wall for that fresher welcome

You can see this approach through the clean design, featuring a lot of open space, custom furniture, concrete ceilings and a corner library, which have set the scene for a very stylish apartment.

As chief designers, Charu & Varun explains:

“Individuality in design is very important, particularly for apartments. We filled spaces with a variety of colours, textures, shapes and tones, the interiors were kept both conservative and interesting.”

We have said a lot about this project and now it’s time to hear the feed back from the client himself:

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